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Every twitter growth tool built into a single app. Stop guessing and start growing with tried and tested growth strategies.


Discover top tweets

Unsure what works? Discover viral tweets that blow up. Learn to craft your own tweets to get the same results.


AI writing assistant

Use our expertly crafted prompts to explore other variations of your tweet. Experiment with 100s of ideas in minutes.


Automatic scheduling

Create a schedule once and we'll post your tweets forever. Hit audiences around the globe and grow while you sleep.


Growth on autopilot

We'll auto-retweet all your content and push you back to the top of people's feed. Passively doubling your reach.

Pricing Plans

We offer a range of plans to suit your growth needs


Great for small accounts that just need scheduling


  • Viral tweet search
  • Writing assistant with AI
  • Automatic scheduling
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Serious about growing your account? Access all our tools for growth hacking


  • Viral tweet search
  • Writing assistant with AI
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Auto-retweets
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Need help growing your account? Get all our tools plus a direct channel to our team


  • Viral tweet search
  • Writing assistant with AI
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Auto-retweets
  • DM's and growth advice from our team
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us an email at

    • Who is Social Sidekick for?

      Social Sidekick is for anybody who wants to grow their account on Twitter by creating meaninful content for their followers whilst investing as little time as possible. We have built (and are always improving) an AI model for optimising your stories and ideas, meaning you don't have to fret over how to structure a post. We'll even help you come up with ideas. For more information, check out our features page.

    • How does Social Sidekick work?

      Social Sidekick works by using a combination of AI and human input to generate ideas and tweet content for you. We've trained an advanced AI model to write tweets and generate ideas for you. We find that instead of it taking a few hours to plan a week's worth of tweets, it now takes a few minutes. You keep the quality and consistency of your tweets, but you save a lot of time.

    • How does Social Sidekick help me get followers?

      The keys to Twitter growth are consistency and engagement. So, you need to create engaging posts several times a day to really get going. Social Sidekick does this for you by making content generation a breeze. You can create content at scale, with an advanced AI model that is optimised for engagement. As a ballpark figure, you can schedule 3 tweets a day for a month in under 25 minutes.

    • How much does Social Sidekick cost?

      Social Sidekick pricing can be found on our pricing page. We'd also like to let you know that if you're not entirely satisfied, we offer a no-questions-asked, no-fuss 30 day refund guarantee.

    • Does Social Sidekick provide a free trial?

      Yes! When you sign up, we'll give you a limited number of credits to get you started. If you like how we do things, you can stick around and switch to a paid plan whenever you feel comfortable.

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