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Repurposing High-Quality Posts for Maximum Engagement

written by Warren Day

Maintaining a constant stream of high-quality content can be a huge challenge.

But there's one trick to keep the ideas flowing and it's all about discovering and repurposing existing high-quality posts.

In this article, we'll explore the key characteristics of top-performing content, useful tools for content discovery, ethical considerations, and strategies for optimizing repurposed content.

Key Characteristics of High-Quality Content

High-quality social media posts that perform well share many common characteristics. They are often:

a. Topical: Discuss popular subjects right now, making posts more likely to resonate with a wider audience. What worked last year likely won't work today.

b. Valuable: Whether the content is original or well-researched, providing value to readers by offering original insights or well-researched data gives a post much higher value than just another random thought.

c. Engaging: Capture the audience's attention and encourage interaction, often through compelling narrative, strong visuals, or with thought-provoking questions. You need to make people stop and think.

Tools and Methods for Discovering Content

There are a few ways to discover and curate top-performing content within your niche or industry:

a. Twitter Advanced Search: Use Twitter's advanced search options to find posts with a specific number of likes or other metrics. This helps you identify popular content within your target niche. You can filter by date and min likes to help narrow down your search.

Twitter Search

See an example advanced twitter search which shows recent posts, with more than 10 likes, and no replies.

b. Social Sidekick Discovery: This hand-curated collection of high-quality posts across various topics can be an even better resource. It's updated weekly and includes posts from selected accounts which produce consistent high-quality content.

Social Sidekick Discover

Ethical Considerations and Best Practices

When repurposing someone else's content, it's crucial to maintain ethical standards and avoid plagiarism. Keep these best practices in mind:

a. Don't Copy: Focus on understanding the structure, wording, and reasons behind the post's success, rather than copying it verbatim.

b. Adapt to Your Niche: Ensure that the repurposed content aligns with your audience. If a popular post is outside your niche, use its structure and style as inspiration but tailor the content to suit your niche and unique voice.

Your Repurposing Workflow

To effectively repurpose content, follow these steps:

a. Conduct Research: Use tools like Social Sidekick or Twitter search to find high-quality posts that resonate with your audience.

b. Draw Inspiration: Collect posts that you find appealing or that align with your content ideas. Use them as a springboard for generating new ideas or adapting your existing content.

c. Create New Content: Write fresh posts, borrowing elements from the successful content you've discovered. Follow a similar format and structure to ensure your new content appeals to your target audience.


Content discovery and repurposing are great ways to keep up with popular trends and writing styles.

By understanding the characteristics of high-quality posts and using the right tools to discover content you can increase your reach and engagement with your target audience.

Stay creative, and keep exploring new ways to connect with your followers.

Happy tweeting!

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