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Repurposing Content on Twitter

written by Warren Day

Once you've been posting on Twitter for a while, you'll start to see some of your tweets perform better than others, this is all just trial and error.

Over time you'll have produced a set of outlier tweets that have performed much better than the rest. These are the tweets we want to focus on today.

We're going to talk about repurposing content. This can be a great way to reap the same benefits of the original tweet. But with a fraction of the effort.

The Value of Repurposing Old Content on Twitter

Reusing your old content is not just acceptable, it's also a smart. Many top creators repurpose their own posts every six months or so, and it works wonders for them.

Particularly if your account has grown in recent months, there are an entire set of followers who would never have seen the original tweet.

Some posts are just evergreen. Think well researched threads, or posts that are relevant to your niche but not time sensitive.

Finding Your High-Performing Tweets

Finding top-performing content is easy. Either using Twitters built in analytics or search.

For example here I can search my own account for tweets before 01/01/2023 with more than 10 likes.

from:warrenjday -filter:replies min_faves:10 until:2023-01-01

Here I've filtered replies so I only see original tweets from my own account. Try this out by switching the usernames to your own on the link above.

How to Repurpose Your Content

Let's take a look at two different posts types we could reschedule. Evergreen and topical.

Evergreen Posts

Some posts can be reposted every few months. High quality resource lists, or threads that are relevant to your niche but not time sensitive. Take this example from @denicmarko

@denicmarko resource post

He can just repost this every 6 months and it'll still be relevant. That's guaranteed engagement with zero effort.

Topical Posts

Maybe your post was topical or time sensitive. That's ok. Some posts can be re-written or updated. Take this example from @thejustinwelsh

@thejustinwelsh topical post

This could easily be updated to reflect new accolades or promote new events at the time of writing. Think about how you could do this with your own content.

Automate Post Scheduling

If you're repurposing content regularly, it's worth automating the process. With Social Sidekick you can schedule twitter posts to to be sent out on a schedule of your choosing.

Social Sidekick will give you a post scheduler, AI writing assistant and a place to discover new high performing content, and if you'd like to know how to schedule tweets on mobile, we've got you covered, with first-class mobile support.

Social Sidekick

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Happy Tweeting!

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