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Increase Engagement with Scheduled Tweets

written by Warren Day

If you are serious about growth on Twitter posting consistently needs to be high on your agenda. But you also need to avoid spamming your audience with a bombardment of content every time you have a brain wave.

This is where scheduling comes in. With a scheduler you can push content to your feed randomly, yet your audience receives a smooth stream of content daily.

Some people like to sit down and plan all of their content on a Sunday. But I prefer a kind of scatter gun approach. Anytime a random thought comes in I'll write it down into my bank of saved posts on Social Sidekick, then when the post is refined I'll push it to my scheduled queue.

This approach disconnects the random content creation process from the eyes of the audience.

How to schedule content

Tools like Social Sidekick make scheduling posts a breeze. The first step is to define your schedule. Choosing the right times to post is outlined in detail in another article When is the Best Time to Post on Twitter

Once you've decided when to post, input your schedule times. Once you've defined your schedule we'll loop over it forever, so you don't need to keep coming back and updating the times.


Then next step is actually adding content. With your schedule set just push content to your queue and we'll post it out automatically.


What are the key benefits of scheduling content

One of the main benefits of scheduling content is posting when you sleep. Twitter is a 24/7 platform, your users will come from all over the world. This means if you're only posting during your local time you may be missing out on some of that sweet engagement.

You can access your global audience by specifying post times both during the day and the middle of the night. If most of your audience are in a different location, you can change the timezone of your schedule to better align with them.

The second benefit of a scheduler is posting content in advanced. This means if you're on holiday or just busy, your stream of content remain consistent. Planning your content in advance can also help reduce stress and generally limit the cognitive overhead throughout the week.

To wrap up. Schedule content to best suit your audience and plan content ahead to free up your time. Then leave the rest on autopilot.

How to schedule tweets on mobile

Scheduling tweets on mobile is not possible through the Twitter app. But with Social Sidekick you can schedule tweets on mobile, tablet or desktop. Our app is mobile first, so you're guaranteed a great experience on any device.

Happy tweeting!

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